Running Track Surface & Installation

Indoor or outdoor facilities, No Fault provides a system to meet athletic performance with durability

A No Fault track system can meet the performance needs of any level of competition or recreation. Whether you are rehabilitating or resurfacing an existing running track, planning the construction of a new one, or just have questions regarding your existing track; No Fault can assist you and help you make the best decisions.

No Fault Products

We offer two complete running track systems:

Latex: This is a four (4) layer system with each layer of EPDM rubber granules evenly graded and bound with fortified latex binders. Regulation lines (white).

Polyurethane: This system is comprised of a polyurethane bound black rubber base mat layer and two (2) structural coatings of polyurethane based pigmented binder and encapsulated pigmented EPDM rubber granules for a depth of 3/8”. Regulation lines (white).


*Both systems are available in red or black. Other colors will be subject to availability and or additional charges