Tennis Court Maintenance

A well constructed and maintained court will offer years of play

First, we advise owners to create a schedule of maintenance to ensure to the maximum life of their court(s). Establish an inspection routine and stick to it. It is much better to proactively maintain your surface by cleaning or making minor repairs than to leave it alone and deal with major issues sooner than expected.

The following steps will help maintain your court surface:

  1. Most importantly, keep your surface clean or free of debris. This may include regular sweeping or air blowing the courts. Debris pileups can cause mildew over time which will speed up the deterioration of your surface
  2. Prevent foods and non-water beverages from entering the court area. If spills occur, clean them immediately. “No smoking bans” are also encouraged for your facility
  3. Practice preventive maintenance and eliminate tree branches that hang over courts; tree sap, fruit, dead insects and bird droppings can stain courts and are not easily removed.
  4. In the case of stains, begin by using a cold water detergent and a gentle brush. If the stain can’t be removed, try using a pressure washer. Don’t use stronger solutions without contacting the surface manufacturer or installer.
  5. Mold, mildew, and algae can typically be removed with a pressure washer.