No Fault Cushion Court System

No Fault Cushion Court System is a multi-layered surface that lengthens the orthopedic life of players of all ages, it quickly responds to body impact and reduces fatigue. 



A. Subase

The asphalt (or concrete) surface to receive the Cushion Court System shall be clean, sound, and free of grease, oils and other foreign materials. All ridges, cracks and birdbaths shall be filled and leveled with Court Patch Binder accordingly.

Surfaces shall have a slope of 1” in 10’, all in one plane, and variations shall not exceed 1/8th” in ten feet measured in any direction when measured with a 10’ straight edge.

Asphalt: Allow asphalt to cure for a minimum of 14 days. Proceed with patches as specified above. Allow all patch work to dry and apply one coat of Acrylic Resurfacer to provide a uniform underlayment

Concrete: The concrete surface shall have a wood floor or light broom finish. DO NOT PROVIDE A STEEL TROWEL FINISH. DO NOT ALLOW ANY CURING AGENTS OR HARDNERS TO BE USED. Acid etch concrete with Concrete Preparer

Proceed with patching as specified above. Allow all patch work to dry and prime the surface. Acrylic Resurfacer must be applied within 1-3 hours after the primer is applied and while the material is dry but still tacky to the touch.

B. Application

Cushion Court should be diluted with one (1) part water to four (4) parts Cushion Court to improve flowability. When applying in extremely warm climatic conditions or when using an approved mechanical sprayer, the material may be applied at one (1) part water to three (3) parts Cushion Court. The Cushion Court shall be thoroughly mixed at the job site. Cushion Court is in windrows on the surface with sufficient quantity to cover as the squeegee is pulled over the surface. Apply only light pressure to the squeegee. Do not allow ridges to form between passes of the squeegee. Any ridges existing after this material has dried can be removed by rubbing with a mason stone or heavy sand paper. Cushion Court applications should be allowed to thoroughly dry prior to application of subsequent coats. Indoor applications will require more drying time with proper heat and ventilation.

C. Line Striping

The color of the playing lines shall be White and the width shall be two inches (2”), unless otherwise specified by architect or owner. Locate proper line markings and apply masking tape to sketch playing lines. Using a paintbrush or roller, apply two (2) coats of acrylic white line paint between the masking tape. Remove masking tape immediately after lines are dry.



  1. The court surface shall be allowed to fully cure in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. The surface shall be protected by the owner from all traffic during the curing period of one (1) week after surface installation and line striping is complete, or as instructed by the manufacturer.
  2. Surface installation crew shall be responsible for the protection of No Fault Court Surface during the installation process. Owner or general contractor shall be responsible for the protection of the surface during the crew’s off hours and during the curing period upon completion of the installation.



  1. Manufacturer’s installers shall not leave finishes on adjacent surface. Spills of excess finishes shall be promptly cleaned.
  2. Manufacturer’s installers shall properly dispose of all material and packing waste before leaving the job site. C. Owner or contractor shall be responsible for supplying a dumpster at job site for all waste associated with installation of the court surface.